Origin of the company Germany. The company operated in the country for 3 years.

Occupation field Production of household appliances. Goal Become more competitive by localization of  direct materials. Vision and mission.


What type of products/services does the company produce?

Production of  plastic components for  small appliances. Assembly of finished goods.


What are the main products/raw materials that your company purchases?

Resins; metal stamped parts; springs; rubber&silicon components ; PCBA's; printed and packaging materials.


Which of the following services is your company purchasing from domestic companies?

Transport services



Maintenance of machines

Maintenance of infrastructure

Legal and accounting services

Other type of intellectual services


What type of products/raw materials/machinery and equipment are you purchasing from domestic companies?

Printed & packaging materials (instruction manuals& leaflets,gift box, transport box,labels). Metal parts.


What are the required technological standards for a supplier? List the specific required standards.

Minimum requirement  isISO 9001  and   SMETA (social accountability). ISO 14001 is desirable.

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