Svemek is a manufacturing company dealing with the production of pneumatic and hydraulic machined parts by desing of our customers. The main activities of the company are: milling, turning, cutting and drilling. The Company started out in Sweden is 1970 and moved its complete production to Macedonia is 1997. MISSION To provide continuous performance success on National and International markets through: Continually meeting and fulfilling the requirements of our customers, offering them services with acceptable standards and high quality. Through the cooperation with our suppliers which benefits all sides involved. Enabling continual motivation for our employees.VISION To be the most up to date and technologically advanced company in our industry and national market, as well as a continual expansion of our services. Currently the number of employees is 20.


What type of products/services does the company produce?

Pneumatic and hydraulic machined parts by the design of the customer.


What are the main products/raw materials that your company purchases?



Which of the following services is your company purchasing from domestic companies?

Legal and accounting services.


What type of products/raw materials/machinery and equipment are you purchasing from domestic companies?



What are the required technological standards for a supplier? List the specific required standards.



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