Is a dynamic web platform that allows dSMEs and MNCs to create their own profile and connect with the perfect partner company. The platform allows the companies to present themselves and place their demand and supply of the goods and services they offer. The platform allows for dynamic communication, connection and synchronization of and between companies’ profiles.

Also, we provide an extensive database of domestic small and medium enterprises and multinational companies from North Macedonia.

This web platform was created by Finance Think.
Finance Think is an independent Institute for economic research​ and policy, based in Skopje.​ Within the project “Bridging the​ gaps between multinational​ companies and domestic SMEs​ in the country”, the Institute​ has conducted research with​foreign investors in the country​ and domestic companies, with​ the aim to identify gaps and​ potentials for cooperation, to​ develop activities to strengthen​ the potentials of domestic​ companies and to provide​ recommendations for creating​ and improving policy measures.​
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