Uni - Lux was founded in 1995 in Skopje as the first private Macedonian company for production of soft and baked goods in order to continue the family business that existed for years. Therefore, Uni-Lux is a synonym for success and a blend of experience, tradition and innovation.

The production and distribution are carried out with the HACCP system implemented, in accordance with the legal requirements of the SRM, which guarantees the safety of products for the health of consumers. The production process takes place in a factory for production of soft and baked goods in plantsequipped with automatic machines, according to modern technology, under the supervision and management of technologists and top bakers.


Number of employees?



Main activity?

Production of bread and pastry.


What does your company produce?

Traditional breads, special breads, pastries.


What services does your company offer?

Distribution of bread and pastry.


Do you have a cooperation with a multinational company in the country?



What products / services can you offer to multinational companies?

Bread and pastry.


Which of the following standards does your company own?

Occupational Safety and Health Standards, HACCP.


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