Industry Service DOO - Skopje is a family company, established in 2002 with 100% own capital. Today, our company is the market leader in Macedonia for organized nutrition and industrial catering as a service intended for the needs of the industry.

We started in 2002, in our first business unit, to achieve growth and development that did not set the leading position on the market. We are proud of our success as a result of our commitment to the fundamental values ​​of integrity, honesty and respect for the laws.

Since its beginnings in 2002, Industry Service DOOhas prepared and served over 14 million (fourteen million) meals without any registered incident regarding the safety of our products.

Our clients are currently Feni Kavadrci, Buchim Radovish, Socotab Bitola, Dräxlmaier Kavadarci and Lear Tetovo.

Today, as the largest food operator in the Republic of Macedonia, with 160 employees, in all our business units, we prepare and serve up to 9,000 meals per day, thus exceeding the number of over 2,000,000 meals prepared and served annually.

Our mission is to deliver to each customer the best value, through superior service, safe product and proven quality.

Let's continue with the growth and development rate and survive on the leading position on the market - a success we are proud of and a result of our commitment to the fundamental values ​​of integrity, honesty and respect for the laws.

New investment in the Skopje region

In 2018, we will start the biggest investment project in the development strategy of our company. At its own location, in the Skopje region, in the municipality of Gazi Baba, we are building a completely new facility with the latest technology and catering equipment for the preparation, distribution and serving of food, that is, industrial catering. The new facility in Skopje will have the capacity to prepare and serve 9,000 rations on a daily basis, that is, over 2,000,000 meals a year. Our plans are to duplicate our production so far.

This food preparation facility will be the largest and most modern catering facility of this type in the Republic of Macedonia and in the region in general.

We expect to complete all activities and the new facility will be fully operational in August 2019.


Number of employees?



Main activity?

Preparation, distribution and serving of food, catering services.


What does your company produce?



What services does your company offer?

Complete solution for organized nutrition that includes serving hot and cold meals, preparing an elaboration of menu meals, designing of а canteen and kitchen for the needs of the clients and assisting in the preparation of the specification with the necessary equipment.


Do you have a cooperation with a multinational company in the country?



What products / services can you offer to multinational companies?

We have an experienced management team, complemented by a multidisciplinary team comprised of an architect, technologist, nutritionist, 42 cooks and a quality and staff development coordinator.

Our professional team can offer you:

- Development and implementation of a design and project solution according to your needs, including a project for plumbing, electricity and equipment that would be used to organize a modern canteen (kitchen, warehouse and dining room);

- Defining the appropriate specification of equipment for the purpose of smooth functioning of the technical and technological process;

- Preparation of a complete elaboration with product norms and necessary biological calorific values.


Which of the following standards does your company own?

Occupational safety and health standards, ISO 22000.


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