The company for accounting financial services, expertise and estimates Twins Consulting FMS Doo Skopje was founded in 2003 and has 9 full-time employees and several external associates from various fields engaged as expert consultants.
Our reference for business cooperation and services to companies and entities registered in accordance with the Law on Associations and Foundations has more than 100 eminent legal entities, influential both in our country and abroad.

Every task that is part of the contracts concluded with our clients is always performed professionally, with good quality and within the required deadlines, in accordance with the legal regulations that are valid in our country and, of course, the prescribed legal regulations for taxpayers - legal entities and in accordance with the International accounting standards applicable to trade companies.


Number of employees?



Main activity?

Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing; tax counseling.


What does your company produce?



What services does your company offer?

Accounting services, financial services, services in the field of real estate, assessment of claims and liabilities, estimation of means of transport and preparation of expertise in the area of accounting, financial and material area.


Do you have a cooperation with a multinational company in the country?



What products / services can you offer to multinational companies?

Accounting and consulting services.


Which of the following standards does your company own?

International Accounting Standards (IAS Standards).


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