The company for tax consulting and accounting "PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT" DOOEL Skopje has many years of experience in providing tax, accounting, consulting and financial services to small, medium, large entities and budget institutions.

The company always has good and relevant information that will enable you to act decisively, with calculated risk and make good and wise decisions in your business. It provides services and ensures top quality of services by precisely observing the rules defined by the positive legal regulations.

The services are always designed according to the specific needs of the client and cover different packages. With the professional approach in operation and the practical solutions we offer in cooperation with external consultants, lawyers, appraisers, experts in their fields, we provide our clients with high quality and fast services, especially in: mediating to provide financing to clients through loans, preparation of a credit application, business plan, fund applications, training of companies and public institutions for financial management and accounting, etc.

"PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT" is your business partner that provides you with full support throughout your business, by offeringprofessional service, discretion and trust.


Number of employees?



Main activity?

Tax consultancy, accounting and finance.


What does your company produce?



What services does your company offer?

Tax consultancy, accounting and finance.


Do you have a cooperation with a multinational company in the country?



What products / services can you offer to multinational companies?

Tax consultancy, accounting and finance.


Which of the following standards does your company own?



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