Makprogres doo is an international company located in the eastern part of Macedonia. From a small family business founded in 1990, Makprogres has grown into one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in Southeast Europe, exporting to more than 55 countries worldwide. Makprogres is one of the biggest food companies in the Balkans with over 750 employees.

Complete production is in compliance with HACCP, HALAL and ISO9001: 2008 QMS standards. All raw materials and final products are regularly controlled in authorized quality control laboratories.


Number of employees?



Main activity?

Food industry.


What does your company produce?

The primary activity of the company is the production of confectionery products, as well as processing, processing and finishing of agricultural grain crops. Recently, the company has entered the segment of healthy foods. The brands that are part of the Makprogresfood industry are: Sunny Valley, Vincini, Armonia, Natura, Donia, Fantasia. Part of the activities it deals with is retailing, catering and production of packaging.


What services does your company offer?



Do you have a cooperation with a multinational company in the country?



What products / services can you offer to multinational companies?

Products from the brands Sunny Valley, Vincini, Armonia, Natura, Donia, Fantasia that are part of the Makprogresfood industry.


Which of the following standards does your company own?

Occupational safety and health standards, ISO 9001, IFS, HACCP, ISO: 9001: 2008, HALAL, KOSHER.


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