The Company was established in 2005 as a brownfield investment. Its main business is diecasting of aluminum parts for the automotive industry. Beside diecasting, the company performs the following operations: trimming, shot-blasting, heat treatment, machining, tool construction and tool production. The Company has 510 employees. It has 9,600 m2 production area.


What type of products/services does the company produce?

Diecast aluminum parts for automotive industry.


What are the main products/raw materials that your company purchases?

Aluminum, auxiliary materials, spare parts for machines.


Which of the following services is your company purchasing from domestic companies?

Transport services.


What type of products/raw materials/machinery and equipment are you purchasing from domestic companies?

Auxiliary materials


What are the required technological standards for a supplier? List the specific required standards.

ISO 14001; IATF 16969


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