Origin of the company



How many years has the company operated in the country?

Since 2012


In which sector does the company operate?

Production of electronic components.


What type of products/services does the company produce?

Capacitors and filters.


What are the main products/raw materials that your company purchases?

Metalized film, wire, resin, plastic components.


Which of the following services is your company purchasing from domestic companies?

  • Transport services
  • Catering
  • Construction
  • Maintenance of machines
  • Maintenance of infrastructure
  • Legal and accounting services
  • Other type of intellectual services.


What type of products/raw materials/machinery and equipment are you purchasing from domestic companies?

Metal cans, plastic materials, connectors, pins, rods, machined parts for maintenance.


What are the required technological standards for a supplier? List the specific required standards.

MIN ISO certification


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