The company Incom Engineering was founded in the distant 1991 by the architect Mr. Nikola Velkovski. The idea was to start his own business in order to solve problems in the design more effectively. Later this mission was expanded and the performance department was opened. We have our own offices and warehouse facilities. The company has 22 employees, 8 of which are architects.


Number of employees?



Main activity?

Architectural Design and Performance.


What does your company produce?

Making all kinds of projects in the field of architecture.


What services does your company offer?

Architectural Design and construction of buildings.


Do you have a cooperation with a multinational company in the country?



What products / services can you offer to multinational companies?

Architectural Design and construction of buildings.


Which of the following standards does your company own?

Occupational safety and health standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001.


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