Cosmic Development is an IT consulting and development company dedicated to providing a diverse range of IT services, cutting-edge technologies and best-in-class solutions in a most flexible and affordable manner.


What type of products/services does the company produce?

Web and Mobile Solutions, Consultancy, Administrative Assistance, Project Management, Social Media Management.


What are the main products/raw materials that your company purchases?

Office furniture, office materials and other electronics.


Which of the following services is your company purchasing from domestic companies?

Other type of intellectual services.


What type of products/raw materials/machinery and equipment are you purchasing from domestic companies?

Licenses and Computer Equipment.


What are the required technological standards for a supplier? List the specific required standards.

The specifications vary based on the products needed.


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  • Vasil Gjorgov, 20 A, Manhattan Business Center, 4th Floor, 1000 Skopje

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