UPconomy is the result of months of hard-working, research and a substantial amount of coffee. The company was created in October 2018 by a group of like-minded people who wanted to do together what they do best: work with businesses who want to grow and expand.

The team consists of experts in the fields of Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Software Development. We have international experience and have taken part in many projects before getting together. Our expertise has enabled us to work with confidence and has taught us never to settle with a result which is worse than the optimal. Our motto states: “We want to take your business to the next level!” And we know that it is a cliché which every company will tell you in order to attract you as a customer. But the difference is that we really mean it and we will work persistently until we’ve taken your business to the next level.

*We work not only for our clients but for the clients of our clients;

*We love to communicate with our clients! That’s a big part of having a successful professional relationship;

*Quality over quantity. We have set a limited number of customers to work with at a time;

*We provide high-end solutions to the needs of our clients;

*We know how to adapt to the different trend lines of the ever-changing business world.

*We work transparently.

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